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Award Winning Green Living

A green future

Harnessing the surrounding natural resources, Dandridge's Mill achieves an impressive 91% reduced carbon footprint through innovative low and zero carbon technologies, careful building design, high-performance insulation and the use of advanced LED light fittings.

Generating its own electricity using one of the first Archimedean Hydro Screws in the country combined with solar photovoltaics, and collecting hydrothermal energy from the river to run the hot water and heating, Dandridge's Mill is pushing the frontiers of eco-building way beyond the norm. These apartments produce over 23,000kWh of Green electricity per year and save over 26 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere every year!

Dandridge's Mill is a unique opportunity to enjoy modern living in a traditional environment, while protecting our past and investing in our future.

Green Living: Welcome
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